Swami Chidananda

Swami Chidananda

“In Impersonal Absolute meditation, there is no form, only the visualization of Parabrahman as a state of light, of existence in infinity, of eternal being, of luminous consciousness, boundless; an ocean of consciousness. A state of impersonal bliss where once and for all you drop all thoughts of name and form and dwell upon the nameless, formless Reality, by affirming it as your true Self, your essential, real Being, which has neither birth nor death….

This is not the meditation of devotees, who prefer to keep a dualist consciousness of worshiper and the worshiped, of lover and beloved, adorer and adored object. This is a different type of meditation altogether. It is called the pure Advaitic meditation, and it goes a step beyond the nameless and formless Being, beyond a ray meditating upon the sun. Here, there is no ray, no drop, no individual being, no meditator and meditated object, only One beyond all distinctions. “Aham Brahma Asmi.” I am the Supreme Reality. [I, Creator I am, or I and my Father are One.] And thus meditating upon oneself as infinite eternal being, one seeks to enter into a consciousness of non-dual, pure identity with the Supreme Being.”
— Swami Chidananda Saraswati (1916-2008), of the Sivanada lineage

“Soham, Sivoham.” [I am That, I am Shiva]

It can also be noted that some go through a devotional phase after awakening and before entering Oneness. This is known as God or Celestial Consciousness.


In case it was not obvious, the Swami passed on in August.

I should also note that all pass through the GC stage of awakening but full God Realization may not happen until later. That process may be more devotional for some as it is the flowering of the divine heart.

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