Cast it out

Cast it out

I’ve spoken a number of times here about Finding a Teacher, the stages of awakening, and the nature of being awake. Over on Takuin’s blog, he raises an important step on the journey – the casting out of all steps and stages. As I observed over in the 10 Steps to Enlightenment,  the last step is to forget any concepts about it. To forget there are 10 steps. Or 5 or 15. It becomes meaningless. It is all concepts and concepts are of the mind. Mind has nothing to do with being.

Takuin has a great podcast telling one to Find Out for Yourself. There are a few people strong and clear enough to simply make this their path. To look within and find out what is true. For many of us, we need to start with some concepts, clear some baggage, and get to this place. But don’t get stuck in your love of the teaching. To live it, you have to let it go and find your own way through the door.

Ah, but there is a subtle detail not to be missed. The above assumes you are on the common western path of action and thinking. There are a few on the path of the heart, on a path of faith and devotion. These people must also release their love of the teaching and teacher but carry it deeper, into the divine heart. Rather than let go of the mind, they must let go of the small heart and become the one heart. In all cases, it is opening and allowing. It is letting go of the individual for the wholeness. It is transcending the teaching to become a living embodiment.

And thats the whole point.

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