Rules Change

Rules Change

For many people, rules like “make the best of it” or “choose the lesser of 2 evils” are rules to live by. Knowing what went wrong and who was to blame is an important part of life. We call that gossip or the news. Talk shows just add spin.

As we begin to look deeper into the nature of life, we hear of new rules that can work better, like “what you put your attention on grows stronger” or the Golden rule. (do unto others as…) We learn of new ways to be, like “follow your bliss”.

But what happens when everything is bliss? What do you follow? This requires new rules of being. Now it is about being in the flow, stepping into the movement of bliss itself. We don’t “follow your bliss” but rather “move with the bliss”. However its not really a rule as rules are about doing. Moving with the bliss comes from a whole different set – it is not about doing but being. It is allowing what is, stepping fully into it. It is “going with the flow” from a deeper level.

This may not make intellectual sense as there is an obvious discrepancy in the logic. That simply arises as one is becoming. There is what they call in Sanskrit Lesha Avidya, the faint remains of ignorance. There is an aspect that has fully become, and an aspect that is still seeing a difference. Thinking something needs to be done. (thinking is a doing so sees only other doing)

As the quote from the Rig Veda in Name and Form said, “By virtue of unitedness and by means of that which remains to be united..”  Clearly, the process of becoming in our own evolution is becoming the becoming itself.


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