Social Fractals

Social Fractals

Back in Socionomics, I touched on the idea that the public mood precedes market and political change, not the other way around. It is the awareness of the population and its group intention that precipitates change, not change that shifts public mood as is typically thought.

The notable thing is that the mood follows a distinct pattern, one found throughout nature. From the proportions of your hand to the petals on a daisy. It’s known as the Fibonacci Sequence which follows a ratio known as the golden mean or divine proportion.

The following article explores this relationship, revealed by the stock market as a model of human social mood. “... the valuation of mankind’s productive enterprise through history follows a progression/regression pattern that is typical of processes in nature that display patterned growth.” “The fact that price changes are patterned proves that the collective’s net valuations are not reasoned, but it also shows that they are not random, either.

The Human Social Experience Forms a Fractal, from the The Colours of Infinity, with Arthur C. Clarke

The Colours of Infinity
documentary is posted on YouTube in 6 parts. “Arthur C. Clarke presents this unusual documentary…on the Mandelbrot Set in the visually spectacular world of fractal geometry… that seems to identify the hand of God in the design of the universe itself.

We live immersed in a sea of intelligence that bursts forth all around us.


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  1. Louise

    I viewed the 6-part series and found it absolutely mind-bloggling. Thank you for bringing this to your readers’ attention. I have since shared it with my children. I am left with the sense everything is in perfect order, eveything happens for a reason.

  2. Davidya

    I quite enjoyed it myself. I mentioned the series in a post last year but mentioned it again now as the subject resurfaced.

    That sense is quite valid. Beneath the apparent chaos and suffering of the world is a deep underlying order and structure. When we can be with what is, what is steps forward and brings us an abiding peace, happiness, and freedom.

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