Truth and Isness

Truth and Isness

Comments from another discussion:

I would agree that the highest truth is who you are. Its hard to say thats the only truth. I tend to see truth as relative to the awareness of the perceiver. Because really truth is structured in the mind. As the perceivers perspective or awareness grows, they become increasingly aware of this highest truth until you “become” who you already are. When you open to that fully, then I would say its no longer a “truth”, it simple is. It is beyond mind, so beyond any ideas of truth or not truth. The very statement that something is true implies something else is not true, ergo is duality and ironically thus not the highest truth. (laughs)

Self has to come to you? Indeed, there is a quote: “all this time he thought he was Bob trying to realize the Self. On this course he understood that the Self was trying to realize Bob.” There is the experience of ‘going’ within. There is the experience of the Self moving out. But really, its both. The individual dropping resistances and the Self opening even further. From a higher perspective, the individual expression is contained within the fullness of being. So the fullness is seeking to know itself through the individual and the individual is seeking to know itself through Self. Both are happening together concurrently. And they are the same thing.


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