How does your money work?

Its an interesting question. And judging by the condition of many peoples – and governments – balance sheets, its a question we never really answered.

In a prior post, I mentioned Lynne Twists excellent book “The Soul of Money”. A book about real wealth and poverty and our relationship with money. It clearly illustrates how our attitudes towards the green stuff influence our sense of sufficency and happiness.

Recently, I finally completed an excellent article in a local rag on just this question.

Catherine Fitts talks about the power our money has, yet how oblivious many of us are in our spending and banking habits. On the flow of money and how it works. How ingrained economic warfare is and the quest for wealth at any cost.

She doesn’t even touch on the Amero, the new currency of the merged Canada, US and Mexico Union. Negotiations that are underway behind closed doors and almost completely unreported. Worrisome for a Canadian as we at least own our currency. Or at least our finance minister does. In the US and UK, the central bank and production of currency is owned and controlled by private corporations of unknown ownership. The government borrows its money at interest from the bank, thus requiring inflation so it can be sustained. Great for a few people, deeply flawed for most of us.

The Americans had the wisdom to throw out the Federal Reserve (corp) but sadly were scared back into it in the 30’s.

If we subscribe to the concept that what we put our attention on grows stronger and that knowledge is power,  reading the above article is worth your while. Consider that money is the ability to get things done, then we are talking about a symbolic form of energy. At essence, energy is intention and attention. So where we put our money is the same as where we put our attention.

And guess what debt is? The past. Our present obligations to the past. An outward expression of our not being present.

Its not just about our wallet, its about the well being of ourselves, the community and the world as a whole. Until we learn the lesson of our energy, we are doomed to repeat it. They call that the wheel of karma.

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