Evolution of technology and conciousness

Evolution of technology and conciousness

One of the speakers at the recent IONS (Noetics) conference was Steven Vedro (www.srvedro.com), author of Digital Dharma (Quest Books).

His blog covers some of the content and his view of the evolution of technology reflecting the evolution of consciousness, relating it to the 7 chakras or energy centers.


It also mentions some of his talks, but not the local one:

Steve will have an Author Talk and Book Signing
Saturday, October 20, from 3 to 4:30pm
at the Ayurveda Centre, 3636 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver

“There is an electronic web pulsing around us which can be viewed as a product of the creative collective mind. Digital Dharma explains how to use this newfound wisdom on our path toward greater self-awareness and enlightenment. Digital Dharma has something for everyone. It is for technology experts and yoga fanatics alike. Whether you are simply seeking the spiritual, already practice a spiritual tradition, or are a Body-Mind-Spirit reader with ambivalent feelings about your computer and cell phone, this book will guide you on the path toward a new consciousness. Similarly, media junkies and technology “utopians” who understand at some level there is much yet to be learned from the Infosphere, will all find intriguing, useful material here.”

“Steven Vedro has broken new ground in his astute analysis of our technological development as a psycho-spiritual process. He is the first to put it in such fascinating and elegant terms that gives new meaning to our awakening as a species.” –Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Eastern Body, Western Mind; Waking the Global Heart

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  1. David

    No, I wasn’t there but would have loved to be.
    I agree – technology has greatly enhanced awareness, particularly the evolution of online communities, etc.

    I had not however considered how technology has been evolving as a reflection of how consciousness is evolving. Make sense.

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