The Kavach

Kavach is a Sanskrit word that means armor. It refers to protection from subtle negative influences. If you read about it on-line, you’ll find many references to a medallion or amulet with astrological symbols, numbers, or mantras chosen to protect the specific wearer.

However, what value does an engraved piece of metal have against anything subtle?

The texts prescribe that the item has to be properly “charged” by a person properly prepared. For example, they’re supposed to have a strong Jupiter and be spiritually developed. How do you verify that through an on-line store? It’s also worth noting the original … Continue Reading…

More on Means

Recently, I wrote an article highlighting a snippet of the Rig Veda where it observes that the enlightened act by means of that which remains to be united. That part that is not “enlightened”.

A similar passage comes up in the Isha Upanishad.

Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance.
Into as if still greater darkness enter those who delight in knowledge.

“It [Atman} is other than knowledge,” they say. “It is other than ignorance,” they say.
Thus we have heard from the wise who have explained it to us.

Knowledge and ignorance – … Continue Reading…