Using Awareness

I recommend an effortless meditation for that key experience of samadhi or pure consciousness. By taking you beyond the mind (which not all meditations do), you get tastes of your deeper nature and culture the ground for spiritual awakening.

Some people have different physiologies that find pure consciousness through other processes, such as the senses or body. Yoga, for example, places meditation along with asana (posture) and pranayama (breath) as arms of the 8 limbs. I know some effective teachers emphasize different limbs. Patanjali described it as the Royal Yoga to combine them.

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The Empowered Empath

There are spiritual approaches that encourage you to ignore your person, perhaps saying that the body-mind or ego is an illusion. This can indeed be the experience at certain points on the journey. But this is just a phase. To properly integrate spiritual progress and function in the world, avoiding or ignoring our humanity is a mistake. It can lead us to get caught in avoidance routines or fail to recognize when we’re getting deluded. I’ve seen several teachers fall into this trap.

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Clarity and Release

Clarity and release are the 2 key aspects of spiritual growth. The first helps us move forward, the second clears the obstacles to that. Release brings clarity, clarity brings release.

Traditionally, the “way” is divided into several “paths“. Yoga speaks of the means to Union, essentially ways of pacifying the mind. From that perspective, if you settle the mind, you will discover your own nature under the noise.

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