Watching the latest Star Wars movie, I was reminded of the choices we face in life. Do we favour the “dark side” urges for power, control, and fame? Or do we move with the light towards peace, happiness, and love?

So many aspects of our lives have these kinds of choices. For example, what is our motivation around money? Do we have an unquenchable desire for more or a settled approach to sufficiency? Do we believe money is the root of evil or a tool to accomplish good? It’s valuable to have enough but do you work to live … Continue Reading…

True Wealth

I recently read that the ancient Africans measured wealth by how much you could afford to give away.

When we step beyond what we need into a little elbow room, we can reach sufficiency. However, a sense of sufficiency doesn’t come from getting ever more. That’s a form of grasping that’s a symptom of a belief in not enough. From that platform, we’ll never reach enough. If it’s never enough, what do we have to give away?

One of the insidious forms of “not enough” is the widespread entitlement you see in the west. Advertising media has cultured a … Continue Reading…