Supporting Delusion

In the process of becoming more conscious, we’ll discover deep, long-held delusions. Some of them will be carefully defended and stashed in unconscious corners. Yet they’ll continue to influence our choices and behaviour.

For example, we may seek enlightenment as an escape from our problems. Or think I, personally, will get enlightened. Or the right partner will meet all of our unmet needs. Or  money is a solution. Or money is evil. Or I’m a sinner. Or I can be perfect. The list goes on and on.

The key feature of a delusion is that it’s something we hold against what … Continue Reading…

I Am and I Do

When we first meet someone, our gender, race, and age range are usually obvious. To that we add 2 pieces of information – our name and our occupation.

For many people, these bits of information are key parts of their identity. What I Am and What I Do. Our sense of purpose, our role in society, and our relationships with many revolve around this. We often add what we think others think of us, like handsome, not good enough, rich, and so forth. And yet, all of this is nothing but a story. Markers to categorize people like objects.

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BATGAP Interview Live

The Buddha at the Gas Pump interview is live on Youtube now and will be live on the BATGAP site shortly. If you didn’t see it, here’s a little context for where the interview is taking place. Considering how rarely I speak of some of this, it came out reasonably well – even if I did look at the floor too much. (laughs)–suYFhw

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How to Listen and the Value of a Story

I often mention the value … Continue Reading…

The Value of a Story

We might rightfully ask – What is the value of telling an awakening story? It is after all just a story. As I was reminded recently, “Those who know do not say, those who say do not know.” (Lao Tzu) Or there’s the similar Yogananda quote that anyone who says “I am enlightened” isn’t. I’ve gotten that one too.

The above quotes become easy ways to dismiss anything you disagree with or want to put down. And indeed, if the story is being used to prove a personal awakening, it should be considered highly suspect. It’s not the me … Continue Reading…