Stages of Development in Consciousness

aka higher states of consciousness or stages thereof

One of the most popular articles on this blog over the years has been on states of consciousness. First as an outline of the 7 states of consciousness model, then a newer version, consolidating the many updates to the prior article.

This article reframes that model a little further to better reflect how people are experiencing the process. I’ve begun making references to this model, so I thought it time for a new Key Post. I’m also working on an book … Continue Reading…

Mental States

In a recent post on Perspectives, I outlined another view of the states of consciousness or awareness we typically occupy at one stage or another. Steve Pavlina outlines Hawkins levels of consciousness from their emotional signatures. These emotional states can easily be placed on the Perspectives continuum. Another way to consider these is from Mental states.

Last night, I had a dream where I tried to help someone (they needed a Zed (laughs)) but when I was done, they were not to be found, then I lost the Zed. Goal and expectation dashed, I played … Continue Reading…