Resistance in the Geometry

How are past life charges passed forward when we die? I’ve mentioned that our baggage is stored in the mental and emotional (energy) bodies. These fall away after we die so how are these residues retained?

They are sustained as impressions in patterns. The charge itself isn’t stored so much as the pattern that generates it. When we purify at these deep levels, we are most effective because we are clearing the source. This also points to why the light of awakening can roast so much of the past.

I’ve talked before about how the Vijnanamaya Kosha is the … Continue Reading…

The Shadows of Awakening

Recently, I made a point to watch the Craig Holliday BATGAP interview. It’s something I’d intended prior but after meeting him at the panel discussion, became a greater priority. He’s both a Nondual teacher and professional Counsellor. His interview illustrated another variation on the theme, his stages unfolding at slightly different chakras and a major kundalini process later in the game than usual.

But of particular interest was his mention of the shadow side of awakening. In other words, each stage of development can bring with it problems if there is lack of integration or … Continue Reading…