Rose List Follow-up

I’ve been asked about recent events on Rose Rosetree‘s blog so it seems I need to speak to this.

Back in the spring of 2013, I wrote my first article on Rose’s work. The Rose List discussed her curious Enlightenment Life List. Curious because it includes both people I’d agree were enlightened and surprises like famous people who probably didn’t consider themselves so. It would be hard for someone clearly awake not to know they were. As I said at the time, I’d keep an open mind and explore her work further.

I went on … Continue Reading…

How Many?

Recently, Rose Rosetree recorded an example of a Thrill Your Soul Aura Research consultation.  Near the end, she mentions an October 2015 client asking her how many in the world had moved into enlightenment. Rose mentions she didn’t want to research that topic in consciousness but followed through and reported the result on this call. How may in the world are enlightened?

Of course, the answer to this would be relative to her understanding of the term. I don’t define it quite the same way. Where Rose talks in terms of energetic clarity, balance, … Continue Reading…