Entrenched Habits

Some habits can be very difficult to change. Even if we successfully get around them for a time, they can rear their head again. They can be like a petulant child who always wants its way.

This is a flag of resistance and of karma. Because of its shadow nature, it is often hard for us to see, even if it’s obvious for others around us. We can call this a blind spot. This is especially true of fundamentals, like food, relationships, and money. This is because these habits can be started very early in life when our mental … Continue Reading…

The Book is in Distribution

The printed proofs came this week and looked good. This was the last major hurdle for the book’s release. It’s remarkable to hold an actual book after all these years.

The official release date for the book is October 11.

It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon*, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets though I notice some variability yet on different sites. It’s being distributed to over 70 retailers around the world. I’m not sure it will do as well … Continue Reading…

Karma Time

Recent events with getting the book out have brought some very old resistance to the fore. I recognized the old lifetime in play. And that lead to a useful insight about karmic stores. I’m a little surprised I didn’t clue into this sooner.

Back on the past (10 years ago!), I wrote about the mesh. How we have karmic, energetic nodes of unresolved experiences. We can experience them in the present or in the past, along a timeline or all in the present. We can experience the lines (threads) that connect nodes of the past with the present, giving the appearance … Continue Reading…

Two Kinds of Resistance

As Yoga describes, there are two basic kinds of resistance to what is.

The first is Grasping. This is trying to hold on to what passes through our lives. We try to hold on to passing experiences, perceptions, possessions (good word), memories, and so forth. We try to keep things we like from changing. When this fails, we experience loss and grief.

Similarly, desires for future possessions can be a grasping at wants, often with an expectation of satisfaction that never lasts. (cue Rolling Stones)

Grasping at the past (memories) and grasping at the future … Continue Reading…

Depth of Surrender

In considering a different article, I realized there was a way to describe layers to the process of surrender.

Similar to the process of consciousness unfolding to itself, there is 2 intertwined processes. One is that of purification, the other of release.

They sound kind of synonymous but there’s a distinction. Purification is a cleansing of old fog or crud. Release in this context is a letting go of what’s been held onto, resulting in opening. The two can be tightly intertwined but are a distinct process – one in clearing the old dust, the other in allowing the opening … Continue Reading…

The Tales of Our Past

As I touched on in The Subconscious, the residues of our long past’s incomplete experiences leave latent impressions and desires. We experience subconscious impulses from our unknown past that over-ride our normal sense. While these are drivers seeking a way to find completion, they can show up as unhealthy or inappropriate actions that cause us trouble.

Not knowing from where these arise and wanting the security of a sense of control, the ego makes a story about our behavior. “Oh, I’m just bad with money” or “I never did understand men.” When the observing witness comes on-line and we … Continue Reading…

Passing Shadows

Recently, the subject of being shadowed, veiled or overshadowed has come up a few times. We all have places we avoid going that will become more conscious. This is a wonderful opportunity to heal and to put down old baggage. Until we put it down, sometimes we don’t realize how much we carry and how much energy we waste keeping a cap on it.

A shadowed experience can be due to a number of things. But key in this is recognizing what is ours and what is not. One way we deflect is to blame or place the cause outside … Continue Reading…

Kristin on Release

Finally got a chance to listen to Kristin Kirk‘s talk from last years SAND conference. Called “Dissolving the Substance of the Conditioned Self”, she explores the awareness and release process she adopted. My own process has been similar and thus what I’ve described on this site. But here you can hear a simple refreshing clarity in her words, from her experience. She also has a very refreshing take on how to see your yourself through this process.

While her skill level is much higher than most peoples, the process she describes is possible for everyone. And each knot … Continue Reading…

What God Made

Once you take away most of the personal expectations and begin living life “in the flow” of the divine, your life becomes much simpler (typically) and smoother. But life can take some unexpected turns, such as when you’re called to take a direction that you wouldn’t have otherwise or that doesn’t make sense.

(or like when the server migration went sideways this week)

But as you learn to trust that, you find it typically works out wonderfully. In fact, you can get quite used to things just working out well. This is not to say there won’t be some karma … Continue Reading…

Follow the Feeling

If we sit quietly for a moment, we may well notice the noisy mind blabbing on about something. We then have a few choices. We can pay attention to what’s around us instead. We can listen to the mind. Or we can invest in the mind, take it seriously. Unfortunately, most people do the later. And then they share that with others, spreading it around.

The trouble is, a great deal of what comes out of the mind has nothing to do with the content. Hence “noise” or “monkey mind”.

The real dynamic is there is an activated, unresolved emotion(s) … Continue Reading…