The Soma Plant

Some old texts speak of rituals that “milk” the soma or they describe “flow soma through the filter” to create the nectar of the gods.

Much of this is gestures that symbolize the real process that takes place right in our body.

Samadhi happens, at first usually in meditation, when we go beyond the mind into pure consciousness. We settle into our true nature. This is often brief and foggy for a while. But at some point, we’ll have clear experiences of the process. We may also notice a wave of happiness when we cross in or out of … Continue Reading…

Models of Development

Over the years, I’ve seen many models of spiritual development. Most of them follow a subjective process that one or a few people experienced that doesn’t reflect how it will unfold for many others. Fundamentally it is shifts in being – in who we recognize ourselves to be – that reflect the underlying process. This is why I’ve focused on that.

Yet it can be instructive to see some of the other things that can shift that are reflected in other models. Categories like this can give you a sense of where they’re coming from. But there can be … Continue Reading…

The Matrix

Awakening can be said to happen through the non-Self being “devoured” by Brahman or through the descent of the divine. It is not something we control or manage. Rather it comes as grace.

We can thus see that spiritual practices are not to create enlightenment. Rather, they are to prepare the ground so the process is as clear and smooth as possible. To use the analogy of farming, we clear the rocks and rubble from the field, sift and till the soil, and add water and fertilizer.

In other words: healing, refinement, sangha and study.

It’s … Continue Reading…

Stages of Brahman

Of course, Brahman doesn’t have stages. But we do typically experience stages in the unfolding of Brahman.

I’ve mentioned before how there are process similarities between the Brahman (BC) shift and Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness (CC)). (the stages) For example, people experience CC as a shift out of an ego or me-sense into cosmic Self (atman) or no-self. BC is experienced as a dropping of the cosmic Self into Brahman. Adyashanti has recently spoken of his “no-Self” shift, less commonly using it to refer to the BC shift rather than the CC shift.

What is shifting between CC and … Continue Reading…

The Three Stages of Brahman

There are a lot of three’s in this process of awakening.
There is the observer, the process of observation and the observed.
There is the purification, the refinement and the embodiment.
There is the 3 stages of consciousness awakening to Itself. (Cosmic, Unity and Brahman, although Cosmic, Refined Cosmic, and Unity align better with the above patterns)
There is the rise of kundalini, the descent in higher stages, and the final rise of embodiment.

The Brahman (third) stage itself has three aspects:
The initial Brahman shift, often in 2 main … Continue Reading…