A Common Barrier to Unity

In the book Conversations with Maharishi, Vol. 1, Vernon Katz has transcribed some of the side conversations he had with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while they were translating the Brahma Sutra in the late 1960’s. (p 283-4) Another good point Maharishi raised:

“If a man remains established in the sense of ‘jagan mithya’ (the world is unreal), then he will never see the jagat [world] in terms of himself, and will never get into Unity. And then again, he has to forget even the distinction between Jagat (world) and Brahman [Atman]: that the two are different – that one is … Continue Reading…

On Truth

The “Truth about Reality” is way beyond the mind so cannot be found though reading or hearing. All we gain through the senses is information from which we build concepts about the world. This is neither truth nor reality. At best, we have a working hypothesis.

Philosophy and spiritual teachings can offer pointers and maps, like a route to deeper truth. But they are not truth in themselves.

Reality can only be known directly, by being.

We can describe experiences of reality, but it’s always through the lens of this physiology. How much of it we embody. But what we … Continue Reading…

Subjective vs Objective

The US election is highlighting one way changes are taking place in group consciousness that doesn’t seem to be clear for many people.

John Oliver highlighted the issue in this recent commentary (some strong language)

On Youtube

Objective, physical reality is about things that can be measured and recorded. We call these facts. Observing people in the physical world as they respond to subjective states is objective. Thinking about why they acted that way is subjective.

Subjective reality is our inner world – our thoughts, emotions, etc. Thinking about objective things is subjective. We call our subjective perspective things … Continue Reading…