I Am and I Do

When we first meet someone, our gender, race, and age range are usually obvious. To that we add 2 pieces of information – our name and our occupation.

For many people, these bits of information are key parts of their identity. What I Am and What I Do. Our sense of purpose, our role in society, and our relationships with many revolve around this. We often add what we think others think of us, like handsome, not good enough, rich, and so forth. And yet, all of this is nothing but a story. Markers to categorize people like objects.

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The Value of Experiences

There is a perspective which suggests all of creation is here for That, consciousness, to know itself in more detail. How can you know something if there’s nothing? Creation is expressed to bring out the detail. And each of us are unique perspectives of the whole, each unfolding the details of that point of experience.

In that sense we’re here to have experiences. We could say this is our purpose.

The key however is how we are with those experiences.

When the mind is identified with its content and the objects of experience (before awakening), then our happiness is … Continue Reading…

Getting to Purpose

Over on Lori Ann Lothian’s blog Awakened Dreamer, she posted an article on Purpose, Discover the Thing You Were Born For in 5 Easy Steps. I enjoyed the article and ended up writing a long comment I decided to share here. I’ve added some links to articles I’ve written on the subject, with more at the bottom.

It is a fascinating explore… I’ve found that we are never not living to purpose. It’s actually not possible to be otherwise. It’s built in to our existence. However, if we’re not conscious of it, we can tend to resist and … Continue Reading…