Remaining Shadow

As we move through the higher stages in consciousness, we notice more areas that require remedial clean-up.

The process of opening itself cleans out a good deal of the past and if we’ve been proactive with healing, a lot of baggage will have been shed. But there can still be various things to clean up. And once we shift to the cosmic, we have all the shared to work with too.

And yet, because of our own history and gifts, we’ll be more aware of and good at facilitating certain kinds of clean-up. We’ll be more aware and effective … Continue Reading…


In some traditions, one child is sent for religious study, perhaps to be a pandit or priest. Sometimes, this is the oldest son, sometimes the one with the best chart – it depends on the tradition.

While this may have devolved into obligation or keeping the dogma going, its roots are in supporting the family. We’re in this together and having a family member focused on spiritual development enriches both family and community.

If you understand we’re not separate individuals, it soon becomes clear we have spiritual, energetic and even physical connections with a number of people we’re sharing the … Continue Reading…

Depth of Surrender

In considering a different article, I realized there was a way to describe layers to the process of surrender.

Similar to the process of consciousness unfolding to itself, there is 2 intertwined processes. One is that of purification, the other of release.

They sound kind of synonymous but there’s a distinction. Purification is a cleansing of old fog or crud. Release in this context is a letting go of what’s been held onto, resulting in opening. The two can be tightly intertwined but are a distinct process – one in clearing the old dust, the other in allowing the opening … Continue Reading…

Passing Shadows

Recently, the subject of being shadowed, veiled or overshadowed has come up a few times. We all have places we avoid going that will become more conscious. This is a wonderful opportunity to heal and to put down old baggage. Until we put it down, sometimes we don’t realize how much we carry and how much energy we waste keeping a cap on it.

A shadowed experience can be due to a number of things. But key in this is recognizing what is ours and what is not. One way we deflect is to blame or place the cause outside … Continue Reading…