Supporting Delusion

In the process of becoming more conscious, we’ll discover deep, long-held delusions. Some of them will be carefully defended and stashed in unconscious corners. Yet they’ll continue to influence our choices and behaviour.

For example, we may seek enlightenment as an escape from our problems. Or think I, personally, will get enlightened. Or the right partner will meet all of our unmet needs. Or  money is a solution. Or money is evil. Or I’m a sinner. Or I can be perfect. The list goes on and on.

The key feature of a delusion is that it’s something we hold against what … Continue Reading…


It’s astonishing how much internal conflict most people carry. Yet it’s considered entirely normal to walk around under a cloud of noise. Often people don’t realize how much pain they radiate. The stories we maintain about ourselves and life (just listen to our thoughts or what we tell others) make it seem OK. Why? Because we need to feel in control, to be safe in an apparently painful and dangerous world.

Ironically, we don’t realize how much we’re contributing to this. And because it’s a shadow or fog, we fail to see. We simply live in the middle of a swamp … Continue Reading…

Astral vs Divine

Most people are oblivious to anything but the physical because of the unresolved charges in their emotional and mental arenas. This baggage creates both static noise and aversion. This is what Eckhart Tolle called the pain body. Yet the astral and divine are very much a part of ourselves and ever with us. If we leave them in a mess, we find messes.

While I usually use the “7 worlds model” aka the koshas, it can be easier to classify and understand some things with the simpler 3 worlds model: Physical, astral, and divine. We can also call … Continue Reading…

Being a Teacher

There’s a goofy idea some people have that awakening makes you a spiritual teacher. There can certainly be an impulse to share but teaching requires skill and a calling, not just wanting to tell the world.

Someone who gives talks (or whatever they call them) or writes isn’t a “spiritual teacher” in this context. A spiritual teacher in the strict sense of it is one who takes a responsibility to guide a student on their path.

They will work with you from spiritual levels – from the Self or our cosmic nature. This will be much less about your individuality … Continue Reading…

On Channeling

In a discussion on another forum on some channeled material, I was asked what I mean by channelling and why I had issues with it. I thought it useful to share my response here.

OK – the basics of what I’d call “channeling”. Essentially an astral being takes over a person to some degree. The person may be conscious but often is not. They use the person to communicate or write their message to other humans. Hence the human is a “channel” for their message.

Part of spiritual progress is increasing the integration of mind, body and spirit. However, channeling … Continue Reading…