Refined perception results from polishing the physiology on each level and increasing clarity.

I’ve spoken of how purification helps bring clarity and soma refines the structure of the body. But what causes polishing?

Daily experiences of life. Sometimes, the hardest experiences can burnish the most.

If we’re resisting those experiences, we create noise and sludge that hinder our ability to see. This impedes refined perception. But it doesn’t stop the polishing.

However, we won’t recognize the polishing until we clear those windows of perception.

We can call learning a polishing of the mental “body,” Emotions refine the emotional “body,” … Continue Reading…

Some Influences on Experiences of the Subtle

This came out of correspondence with a friend of mine, seeking understanding of newly flowering experiences after a move. Edited for context.

Firstly, the environment. Some places are more “pure” or sattvic than others. This allows for greater clarity in supporting our experience. While not a barrier, things can unfold with greater clarity in a purer environment.  That purity can also vary in different layers of the environment. For example, an ancient holy site may now have difficult energy and be a mess but deeper be quite clear. Or vice versa, etc.

Also related, the prominent laws of nature are … Continue Reading…