Healing Trauma

In the west, we often spend our time in our heads or devoted to distractions like television or games. Some people and cultures are more OK with emotions but may get caught in the drama more instead. It’s not easy being human.

All of us have experienced illness, death, violence, and abuse in one form or another. How we respond to such experiences makes a big difference in the consequences for us. But our response is natural and often automatic. It’s not something we control – however hard we might try.

This is especially true when we’re young … Continue Reading…


It’s astonishing how much internal conflict most people carry. Yet it’s considered entirely normal to walk around under a cloud of noise. Often people don’t realize how much pain they radiate. The stories we maintain about ourselves and life (just listen to our thoughts or what we tell others) make it seem OK. Why? Because we need to feel in control, to be safe in an apparently painful and dangerous world.

Ironically, we don’t realize how much we’re contributing to this. And because it’s a shadow or fog, we fail to see. We simply live in the middle of a swamp … Continue Reading…

The Cure for Pain

The Cure for Pain

CureRumi says it so well. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. If we acknowledge the pain, it’s job is done and it will stop or wind down significantly. This is true of both physical and emotional pain. So often what we do is resist pain which obliges it to continue. After the release of pain, the next step is to resolve what is leading to the pain in the first place – healing. Often, healing … Continue Reading…