Rose Rosetree Links

Over the years, I’ve written a series of articles on Rose Rosetree‘s books and approach to energetic literacy, energy healing, empath skills, and more. I’ve also written articles highlighting Rose’s approach to a topic. As I’ve done with other teachers, here are the main links for easy reference.

On Energetic Literacy: (energy reading)
Aura Reading – discussion and book review

Energy Modalities – energy medicine, energy psychology and energy spirituality

Stages of Energetic Literacy (1-5)

15 Stages of Energetic Literacy – with graphic flow chart

Auric Modeling – and the issues … Continue Reading…

The Means of Liberation (Yogas)

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 13
Verse 24
Some realize the Self by the Self in the Self through meditation, others through Samkhya yoga, yet others through Karma yoga.
Verse 25
Others, however, not knowing thus, sit near Me [Krishna], having heard from others, they also do cross beyond death, devoted to what they have heard.

This lays out the Yogas or paths to liberation.

The first is Dhyana Yoga, the path of meditation covered in Chapter 6 of the Gita. These days, it is often taught as Raja … Continue Reading…

Using Awareness

I recommend an effortless meditation for that key experience of samadhi or pure consciousness. By taking you beyond the mind (which not all meditations do), you get tastes of your deeper nature and culture the ground for spiritual awakening.

Some people have different physiologies that find pure consciousness through other processes, such as the senses or body. Yoga, for example, places meditation along with asana (posture) and pranayama (breath) as arms of the 8 limbs. I know some effective teachers emphasize different limbs. Patanjali described it as the Royal Yoga to combine them.

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Amount of Practice

I’ve been getting quite a few queries about “technique time” from readers of Rose Rosetree’s blog.

She recommends a maximum of 20 minutes a day of “spiritual” practice. That includes anything that takes your attention away from your physical life.

I recommend an effortless meditation like TM, normally done 2 x 20 minutes a day. Other things would of course be on top of that.

My position is that 40 minutes a day is no problem when it’s balanced with normal daily activity in the world. Where it becomes a problem is if … Continue Reading…

Mantra Effects

The world can be said to be composed of 2 things – flow of attention and vibration of the medium (which gets progressively more dense).

In our energy physiology that flow of attention curving back on itself shows up as the energy  channels (nadis) and plexuses (chakras) that underlies our physical form. The flow of energy is given vibratory signals and signatures that add qualities and specifics. I spoke about the call and response process in a prior article. I’ve also spoken of chakra databanks.

These signals can be read various ways. For example: as light, … Continue Reading…

The 4 Paths

In a recent interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump, Rick spoke with Karunamayi. She touched on the need for patience and tolerance, blossoming from spiritual maturity. She also spoke of how everything will be OK because the Divine is in charge, not the negativity. And she spoke of 4 paths. The path of meditation (sometimes called Raja or Ashtanga), of Karma or service (Seva), Bhakti or devotion, and Gyana or knowledge.

I’ve spoken of these 4 paths prior as Karma (also described as the path of perception), Bhakti, Gyana, and Hatha, … Continue Reading…