The Third Element

As the process of Divinity has unfolded, it’s become clear there is a third element in play. Alertness and Liveliness have been discussed as the core elements of Divinity that give rise to consciousness and thus all experience and form. But just as the dynamics of consciousness unfold the process of experience itself, so too does Divinity reveal a third element.

The best word I could come up with is intelligence. In consciousness, this is the devata value, that which structures form and phenomena, and the sense of unfolding experience we call time. In the second stage of Divinity … Continue Reading…

Divinity – The Power and The Glory

Before awakening, we engage in self development. This is a person getting to know its strengths and limitations and moving towards self-actualization. Most people are oblivious to their own cosmic nature.

After awakening and throughout the development of the stages of Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness) and Unity, the focus shifts to infinite and eternal consciousness. This is discovering our deeper nature and its dynamics. It is consciousness getting to know itself in essence, then in forms and phenomena.

And yet, just as the person obscured our deeper nature, the screen of consciousness acts as a covering (Chhandas) … Continue Reading…