Two Kinds of Resistance

As Yoga describes, there are two basic kinds of resistance to what is.

The first is Grasping. This is trying to hold on to what passes through our lives. We try to hold on to passing experiences, perceptions, possessions (good word), memories, and so forth. We try to keep things we like from changing. When this fails, we experience loss and grief.

Similarly, desires for future possessions can be a grasping at wants, often with an expectation of satisfaction that never lasts. (cue Rolling Stones)

Grasping at the past (memories) and grasping at the future … Continue Reading…

Surrender – Kristin Kirk

On this blog, I often use terms like letting go, allowing, and surrender. This is a key part of awakening and becomes increasingly significant the further along you go. In this video, Kristin Kirk talks about this in a very direct way, giving experience examples of different layers of this. She talks about it in terms of the story, allowing what is, and healing old resistance and contractions.

It’s an interesting dance as many people don’t even recognize their own contractions – they’re so continual. When it’s not conscious, how do you recognize them? Sometimes, hearing it put another way … Continue Reading…