The Means of Liberation (Yogas)

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 13
Verse 24
Some realize the Self by the Self in the Self through meditation, others through Samkhya yoga, yet others through Karma yoga.
Verse 25
Others, however, not knowing thus, sit near Me [Krishna], having heard from others, they also do cross beyond death, devoted to what they have heard.

This lays out the Yogas or paths to liberation.

The first is Dhyana Yoga, the path of meditation covered in Chapter 6 of the Gita. These days, it is often taught as Raja … Continue Reading…

Once You Know

There is a curious dynamic in being human. Once we know, we know.

For example, a DNA test. They can reveal some fascinating detail about your makeup and origins. But what about the genetic markers you have for diseases such as Alzheimers? What about unknown relatives appearing that your ancestors may have hidden? There can be surprises. These are things that once you know, you cannot stop knowing. Good to know but it’s not always easy.

With knowledge comes responsibility. Even in simple things like crossing the street. Children may dart out into traffic. … Continue Reading…


There is a difference between jnana and vidya. Jnana means “wisdom,” but vidya means “body of knowledge.” The vidyas are living bodies of knowledge. They are all goddesses. They are shaktis. A person who does medicine, astrology, music or something like that – a person who is really doing it – is not actually doing anything other than getting out of the way so that the vidya can act through him or her. So, as long as the vidya is acting through you, you can be a lot more confident that whatever is going on through you is something beneficial, … Continue Reading…


Ignorance is a lack of clarity. It is not something, it is its absence. Just as darkness is the absence of light, so too is ignorance the absence of clarity. And just as a shadow obscures seeing, so too does ignorance obscure understanding. The light we want is the literal light of consciousness.

As I wrote prior, Yoga defines ignorance as seeing self and reality incorrectly. They are shadowed leading to incorrect conclusions about who I am and what the world is.

The light of awareness brings clarity.

Know or Not

I’ve written before about the distinction between Belief and Experience. As I’ve noted, much of the debate in the modern world is about what we believe. Do you believe in God or not, for example. Many who describe themselves as Atheists or “non-believers” don’t actually recognize that this is a belief too, a belief in not believing what those other people believe. If it was not a belief, they would not feel compelled to defend it.

This subject came up again in a discussion and I framed it a bit differently. I thought it useful to share that.

Really … Continue Reading…