Resistance in the Geometry

How are past life charges passed forward when we die? I’ve mentioned that our baggage is stored in the mental and emotional (energy) bodies. These fall away after we die so how are these residues retained?

They are sustained as impressions in patterns. The charge itself isn’t stored so much as the pattern that generates it. When we purify at these deep levels, we are most effective because we are clearing the source. This also points to why the light of awakening can roast so much of the past.

I’ve talked before about how the Vijnanamaya Kosha is the … Continue Reading…

Kristin Kirk on her Healing Process

I’ve mentioned healer Kristin Kirk before and a healing session I enjoyed last year.

During a recent talk, she explained some of what she experiences during a healing session and how this has evolved. Her terminology and how she describes the layers is a bit different than you see here but as I’ve mentioned, it depends on how you count and label the colours in the rainbow. 🙂

Be sure to read the Note at the end mentioning how DNA, karma, the spine and astrology are all superimposed.

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It’s astonishing how much internal conflict most people carry. Yet it’s considered entirely normal to walk around under a cloud of noise. Often people don’t realize how much pain they radiate. The stories we maintain about ourselves and life (just listen to our thoughts or what we tell others) make it seem OK. Why? Because we need to feel in control, to be safe in an apparently painful and dangerous world.

Ironically, we don’t realize how much we’re contributing to this. And because it’s a shadow or fog, we fail to see. We simply live in the middle of a swamp … Continue Reading…

The Matrix

Awakening can be said to happen through the non-Self being “devoured” by Brahman or through the descent of the divine. It is not something we control or manage. Rather it comes as grace.

We can thus see that spiritual practices are not to create enlightenment. Rather, they are to prepare the ground so the process is as clear and smooth as possible. To use the analogy of farming, we clear the rocks and rubble from the field, sift and till the soil, and add water and fertilizer.

In other words: healing, refinement, sangha and study.

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Our Story

The mind very much likes to feel it’s safe and in control. This is driven by our disconnection from source. Feeling separate and alone, we seek safety in a story. Or rather a host of inter-related stories.

As life circumstances occur, the mind regurgitates what it considers a related story from memory. We respond, often before the experience is even conscious. This is built on a survival mechanism to make sure we respond more quickly to hazards than the conscious mind can process. Then mind tries to confirm the story, amends it or writes an enhancement.

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In each step on the spiritual journey, the cycle of growth arises. From a point of balance comes disintegration, growth, integration, and repeat.

Throughout the disintegration, growth and reintegration period we’re in a process of transformation. This can happen on many fronts at once. We resolve an old emotional resistance, have a friend move away, get promoted, and have an unexpected inner experience. All of these can shift our point of balance and require processing.

The really big changes, like a new stage of development, can completely change our sense of who we are and what is real. … Continue Reading…

The Human Condition

It’s a curious thing to be human. We often learn at a young age to repress aspects of ourselves to avoid pain. And yet, by repressing aspects of ourselves, we create conflicts with our natural desires. These internal conflicts interfere with our ability to live a happy and smooth life.

These can be deep conflicts over life fundamentals. Like desiring wealth but seeing money as the root of all evil. Or wanting health but soothing emotions with food.

Often, we make major compromises in life choices to avoid facing those apparently unresolvable conflicts. And yet all of it can … Continue Reading…

Mantra Effects

The world can be said to be composed of 2 things – flow of attention and vibration of the medium (which gets progressively more dense).

In our energy physiology that flow of attention curving back on itself shows up as the energy  channels (nadis) and plexuses (chakras) that underlies our physical form. The flow of energy is given vibratory signals and signatures that add qualities and specifics. I spoke about the call and response process in a prior article. I’ve also spoken of chakra databanks.

These signals can be read various ways. For example: as light, … Continue Reading…

Our History

There’s an old saying in this part of the world – “You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” As is true of many such sayings, there are many variations like boy, city, and so on.

The basic truth is, our history informs our view of the world and the choices we make. This goes right into the cosmic memory that sustains the world allowing it, and us, to unfold.

Clearly, our history runs deep. We have our personal history from this life, our soul’s history through many lives, … Continue Reading…

The Cause – Apparent vs Actual

Recently, I listened to a talk on jyotish (Vedic astrology). They spoke of the way Jain’s view karma. Jainism is an Indian faith based on non-violence and transmigration of souls in an eternal universe.

While their philosophy of karma is very like the Vedic view, there are a few variations in emphasis worth noting. This exploration is my perspective on the points rather than a Jain view.

Firstly, they describe the apparent vs actual cause of circumstances.

Nimitta Karan is the apparent external cause of circumstances.

When events arise in our life, the mind doesn’t just note what … Continue Reading…

Mapping The Personality

Recently, I’ve been learning how the cosmic devata communicate to create the world and using that to rebalance an area of the cosmic body. We might call this a more directed way of healing although my skills with it are as yet modest.

In the specific sub-chakra involved, as the discord was soothed, the devata where willing to step back into their positions and restore balance. Together, there was unison and harmony although some further soothing is yet to come.

What became apparent was there was 50 of them in this sub-chakra. That seems to be a standard for chakras. … Continue Reading…

Clarity and Release

Clarity and release are the 2 key aspects of spiritual growth. The first helps us move forward, the second clears the obstacles to that. Release brings clarity, clarity brings release.

Traditionally, the “way” is divided into several “paths“. Yoga speaks of the means to Union, essentially ways of pacifying the mind. From that perspective, if you settle the mind, you will discover your own nature under the noise.

However, this isn’t something we do just once or twice. We want to come home repeatedly so it becomes familiar. Not just as a place to visit for peace but … Continue Reading…