Energy and Matter

Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 was a revolution in its day. Even today we don’t really understand it. Most people still have a strong materialist world-view, putting their faith in what they can see and touch. Many physicists seek to find particles for any style of energy they discover. Does gravity really need a particle?

And yet the equation tells us that energy and matter are just different states of the same thing.

If we flip the equation, we can understand it in a different way. E/c2 = m

The m stands for matter, which is a “substance that has mass and … Continue Reading…

The Tapestry

Recently, I was reminded of an insightful detail. To explain, in Vedic philosophy the forms and phenomena we experience are said to be composed of the interplay of 3 gunas. There isn’t direct English words for them but roughly, their qualities are inertia, energy, and clarity.

These qualities can be experienced directly, such as in the colours interplaying in the ocean of being from which our universe arises. What physics would call virtual fluctuations in the vacuum.

However, this common translation of guna as quality isn’t the full picture. Guna itself means string or strand.

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Stages of Refinement

Readers of this blog know I talk about the refinement process in parallel to the awakening and unfolding of consciousness to itself.

Our first order is the transformation of tamas guna (inertia) into sattva (clarity, purity) through rajas (fire). We experience this process in various ways described with words like purification, release of stress, kriya, physical sensations, releasing, refinement, relaxing, and so forth. The net result is increased clarity, refined perception, and the awakening heart.

I’ve mentioned before how when tamas is dominant, we experience the physical world as real and the subtle as unreal. When rajas becomes dominant, … Continue Reading…

Our Natural Potential talk @ SAND15

In October, I gave a Stages in Consciousness talk at the Science and Nonduality conference. Here is the talk synopsis.

I was introduced by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump fame. His talk had preceded mine and, on agreement, ran partly into the break between our talks. This meant people where still transitioning in and out as my talk began.

My opening reference to Rick’s style is because he read his large talk to cover the content while mine was unrehearsed. I had a lot to cover so also rolled quickly.

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Karma and the Gunas

In the Gunas in Awakening, I talked about how inertia is transformed into clarity with fire, tamas into sattva via rajas.

In this article, I’m going to talk more about karma. Karma means action, movement, or energy. When we act in tune with our environment or nature, we are always moving to balance and the energy completes and resolves. We are in dharma, we are keeping the gunas in balance.

However, when we act out of tune or get into resistance to what is unfolding – a common habit for many people … Continue Reading…