An Avatar of the People

On a recent retreat with Lorne and Lucia, we discussed the embodiment of divinity. They observed that nobody alive today fully embodies Divinity. If they did, we’d be in a different age.

Lucia mentioned Kalki (an avatar) as a collective. That triggered an understanding here.

To explain, you may recall an article from 2014 called The Second Stage where I was observing a new stage of development in consciousness or the collective.

The first stage is when a law of nature that had long been dormant is awakened by a human capable of living … Continue Reading…

Who Is This Guy?

I realized from a few recent comments that there was something I was taking for granted that may not be obvious to all readers.

That is the distinction between awakening and who it’s being embodied by. I recently talked about Styles of Enlightenment but wanted to be clear on this point.

The content of this blog is observations from This journey. I write about many aspects we all have the potential to go through. But I have an emphasis on how it has been unfolding here and in those around me. Each of us has our own journey … Continue Reading…

Our Gifts

I’ve written several articles about Empath gifts, primarily because of the importance of being aware of them and getting skilled. This is because it can make a huge difference in quality of life, self-understanding, and spiritual growth when we stop taking on others burdens.

But it’s also useful to understand that while only 1 in 20 people are an empath, we are all born with gifts. And it can certainly be useful to discover the gifts we have.

Plus, even among people with the same gifts, others expression will differ from ours. Not all animal empaths experience the same … Continue Reading…