What is Silence?

When we settle into deep meditation or find ourselves deep in the forest, we may experience a moment of deep silence. Not just silence outside, but silence within, a quieting of the monkey mind. This is the goal of Yoga.

At first, inner silence may be pretty unclear, like a blank spot when nothing was noticed. Without content, it’s just empty.  

As that silence becomes more familiar, we’ll notice it has a sense of presence and of being. It Is. We may find that sometimes, as we settle into silence or come out after, there is a … Continue Reading…

Ways of Knowledge

A comment On Truth lead me to some thoughts on knowledge.

The first form of knowledge we have is stories we’re told as children and the feedback we get from others. Those turn into our working stories we often carry throughout our life. Boys don’t cry. Girls wear dresses. They start as simple principles and are built into more complex threads like ‘Girls wear dresses except in gym and at the beach’. Then ‘when I darn well feel like it’. But even the latter is built on the former.

The above stories become a part of our sense … Continue Reading…

Cosmic Consciousness

I thought it would be interesting to take the qualities mentioned in the song Cosmic Consciousness and relate them to the process.

– shining within
– awake during sleep
– witness the mind from “behind”
– unbounded
– beyond pain
– pleasure arises within
– unshaken by change
– silent being
– eternal
– life like a song or play
– immortal
– beyond the sky

– beginning to see the hand of divinity

Key to understand this list – it is subjective descriptions of being consciousness … Continue Reading…

Our Body

Our body is a remarkable vehicle for experiences. Each of us is a unique combination that leads to a specific style of experiencing and knowing. Another unique perspective of totality. But even within this broad context, we have a surprising number of ways we can experience our bodily expression.

Our body as a physical thing, of course. But this can range from a form of grace and power to a difficult burden challenged by handicap or illness. (anna)

Our body as sensation, feeling inside and out. (sparsha)

Our body as vibration, humming with the process of creation. (pranava)

Our sensory … Continue Reading…

Know or Not

I’ve written before about the distinction between Belief and Experience. As I’ve noted, much of the debate in the modern world is about what we believe. Do you believe in God or not, for example. Many who describe themselves as Atheists or “non-believers” don’t actually recognize that this is a belief too, a belief in not believing what those other people believe. If it was not a belief, they would not feel compelled to defend it.

This subject came up again in a discussion and I framed it a bit differently. I thought it useful to share that.

Really … Continue Reading…