Rose Rosetree Links

Over the years, I’ve written a series of articles on Rose Rosetree‘s books and approach to energetic literacy, energy healing, empath skills, and more. I’ve also written articles highlighting Rose’s approach to a topic. As I’ve done with other teachers, here are the main links for easy reference.

On Energetic Literacy: (energy reading)
Aura Reading – discussion and book review

Energy Modalities – energy medicine, energy psychology and energy spirituality

Stages of Energetic Literacy (1-5)

15 Stages of Energetic Literacy – with graphic flow chart

Auric Modeling – and the issues … Continue Reading…

15 Stages of Energetic Literacy

Being a consciousness geek, I’m fascinated by ways of mapping developmental progress. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere here, the development of higher stages of human potential is both in consciousness and in clarity. One of the features of clarity is what might be called refined perception or “inner sight”. In the summer of 2014, I wrote an article on the 3 stages of energetic literacy Rose Rosetree had described, supplemented with 2 more she had begun to speak about.

Recently, Rose published a new list of 15 Stages – her current working model. Stage 4 … Continue Reading…