Death is But a Dream

Death is But a Dream is the title of a new film expected to be released late next year. Scientists in Buffalo have been doing formal research on late life dreams and their correlation with death.

“End of life dreams & visions tend to consist of seeing deceased relatives and pets. Often times these visions have themes of travel or preparing to travel somewhere with a loved one.”
“Nurses are able to predict someones death based on what the individual is dreaming of.”

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On Dreams

Recently, I was asked about dreams. I’ve not written much on the subject. Basically I see dreams as mental and emotional digestion or processing. The content and the emotions are not generally connected. We might say the content is the vehicle for the emotions but has no meaning in itself. There’s a somewhat similar process that takes place during purification in meditation.

I’ve heard spiritual teachers describe dreams as our washing. You don’t need or want to inspect every bit of dirt leaving.

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