The Structure of Divinity

The unfolding of the ParaBrahman stage could be said to be a progression of embodiment.

I’ve touched a little on the 7-layer structure of Divinity. The trick is – the “structure” of Divinity reflects the form that is being used to know it. Divinity doesn’t have a “structure” but is known through a structure.

And yet, the structure of the form comes from Divinity and is not separate from it.

We can say the body reflects the cosmic which reflects the Divine. Or we could say the body mirrors the “structure” of the … Continue Reading…

Knowing God

Experiencing Divinity is a profoundly moving and life-changing experience. But there are quite a few layers to it. Our degree of development determines our capacity to experience the Divine.

(and of course there are other variations in how this may unfold)

It does Not require spiritual awakening to have an experience of the divine. People have been having such, in all kinds of ways, throughout the ages. However, these are normally brief perceptual experiences. They are often indirect tastes of some aspect and then they fade.

For example:
The shift of makara can be described as … Continue Reading…

The Divine Power Shakti

Describing post-consciousness stages is profoundly abstract. Even this article has been waiting over a month for it to “gel”. There is the hazard of people making odd concepts from this material. But some do find the pointing very valuable. When it’s the experience, pointing to other aspects brings out nuances that might otherwise not have been discovered.

With the Brahman shift, we move out of stages in consciousness and into an arena of great profundity the mind cannot fully grasp. We don’t know Brahman as an individual or Self (Atman). Brahman is known by itself. It combines opposites in one totality, resolving … Continue Reading…

Death of a Yogi

Recently I was reading a commentary on Chapter 8 of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God). The chapter is called The Yoga of the Imperishable Absolute. One topic was the nature of death for a Yogi – how imperishable are they? How permanent is the awakening?

The chapter describes several ways a yogi (practitioner of union) may approach death.

The last verse of Chapter 7 sets up the beginning of Chapter 8:
“Those who perceive Me in the Adhibhuta (physical), the Adhidaiva [celestial]***, and the Adhiyagya [divine action, causal origin], with heart united to the soul, continue … Continue Reading…

Self Validation

Our sense of being separate arises historically with a loss of a sense of the divine. We respond in fear by grasping at what is still known. This grasping creates a sense of separate identity leading to the me-sense.

Because fear and our individuality then dominates our sense of self, the mind makes stories to feel more secure and “in control”. It then filters all the incoming information, rejecting what doesn’t align with the story and magnifying what does.

We thus feel safe, justified, and right.

But all of this is validated by external circumstances. We use appearances to … Continue Reading…

Kristin on Release

Finally got a chance to listen to Kristin Kirk‘s talk from last years SAND conference. Called “Dissolving the Substance of the Conditioned Self”, she explores the awareness and release process she adopted. My own process has been similar and thus what I’ve described on this site. But here you can hear a simple refreshing clarity in her words, from her experience. She also has a very refreshing take on how to see your yourself through this process.

While her skill level is much higher than most peoples, the process she describes is possible for everyone. And each knot … Continue Reading…