Outside Inside

Kristin’s talk brought thoughts about the way “finding the outside within” can evolve.

During our voyage of self-discovery, this process can be a key theme in our subjective experience of reality.

We often start out experiencing only the outside as real. This is one reason that we look for answers, needs, and solutions outside of ourselves – that’s where it seems real. There’s a very distinct boundary between that and our inner experiences. For many, the inner experience is unpredictable, foggy, and painful. And blamed on things outside of us.

After we take up a spiritual practice or through an awe-inspiring … Continue Reading…

Managing the Chakras

I’ve written before about our chakras or energy centres. The main 7 are introduced in the bliss body, bringing life to some forms. This means all beings in our universe share the same fundamental 7. And without them, the form remains inert. This is why artificial sentience will never happen although it may be approximated. Technology is missing life force.

The first 7 chakras are mirrored on each side of the body for a total of 21 major and secondary chakras.

The high heart (soul thrill) chakra at the clavicle (between heart and throat) seems unique. It … Continue Reading…

Mapping The Personality

Recently, I’ve been learning how the cosmic devata communicate to create the world and using that to rebalance an area of the cosmic body. We might call this a more directed way of healing although my skills with it are as yet modest.

In the specific sub-chakra involved, as the discord was soothed, the devata were willing to step back into their positions and restore balance. Together, there was unison and harmony although some further soothing is yet to come.

What became apparent was there was 50 of them in this sub-chakra. That seems to be a standard for chakras. … Continue Reading…