The Structure of the World

There are many ways to describe how the world becomes. Partly this depends on the perspective you have and what is known clearly. The perspective shifts with each stage.

Fundamentally we can say Divinity gives two “qualities” that are key to this process: alertness and liveliness.

Liveliness stirs alertness into awareness and then into flowing as consciousness. Consciousness curves back on itself and the lively radiance leads it to become self-aware. The 3-fold dynamics of consciousness emerges – the observer (a), the process of observation (c), and the observed (b).
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How Many Worlds?

I’ve written several articles about the layers of creation. I favour a 7 worlds model, similar to the koshas or sheaths. But the 3 worlds model is more commonly used: physical, astral and divine. Broadly, “astral” would cover energy, mental, and intellect bodies and divine the celestial and further.

These two models describe the same thing – just with different divisions. Creation is like a rainbow – how many colours do you want to count? The primaries? Every one you can distinguish? Yet it remains one rainbow.

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Applied Sanskrit

Shiksha, a Vedic text on Sanskrit grammar, tells us in verse 5 that Sanskrit has 64 letters while nature uses 63. This was said “by Brahman himself”.

In other words, nature uses much the same sounds as Sanskrit to create and manage the world.

But there are some key differences between how humans speak and how the devata of nature use sound. For example, human speech is rather linear. A sequence of sounds constructed into words. And rather ponderously slow. And usually driven from an individual agenda rather than an effort to harmonize.

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Call and Response

If you’ve ever been to a Kirtan, you’ve experienced call and response. They sing a Sanskrit phrase and you repeat it back. If this is unfamiliar, a kirtan is chanting in a group, done in a sung style, usually with musical accompaniment. It is a Bhakti devotional practice. For example:

The universe around us is formed in a similar manner. Only the response isn’t a repeat but rather a modulation. And there are multiple modulators, all carefully timed together. The singers are the laws of nature (devata). A harmonic choir of astonishing beauty.

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The Layers

Recently, friends have been corresponding about “the mystery”. Can reality be known or is it destined to remain something of a mystery, greater than self-knowledge? My position is that we can know it when we are it. As we unfold who we are, we can unfold all the knowledge that comes with that.

Taking a Unity perspective, all form arises in the self-referral dynamics of consciousness. If an experience is taking place, even of an emptiness, it is taking place in consciousness.

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Why Creation?

This question and some related ones came up in a discussion forum and I thought it worth sharing here. Edited a bit for content.

The question of why the divine would create is one answered by experience also. It doesn’t make a lot of sense until the process is intimate to you. In essence we could say though that Consciousness knows itself globally but the vastness of the details (of divine intelligence) cannot be known without exploring them. So consciousness becomes aware at every point within itself. You are one of those points.

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Illustrating Consciousness

Illustrating Consciousness

Last year, I finally got around to posting an illustration of the dynamics of consciousness that takes place both locally and globally.
Awareness becomes self-aware

I wanted to take this a bit further and illustrate more. I mentioned that this process takes place both globally and at every point within itself.

Here is an illustration of “at every point within itself”
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The Key Unlocks the Door

Veda is a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge. But it’s also a reference to the encoded intelligence that is deep within the roots of consciousness underlying all creations. These blocks of intelligence are progressively experienced by seers through the ages, enlivening them in our creation. This leads to the evolution of creation, both new expressions and integration with existing active laws. We might say they are the blueprints of creation but they are also the blueprint of how it unfolds: structure and sequence. The entire project management spec.

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