Cosmic Stress follow-up

There is a curious dynamic once you shift into the perspective of the body as cosmic, usually in Refined Unity. The cosmic is beyond the fields of karma and stress. There is nothing there to purify. When you experience your body as cosmic, it is seen as pristine and full of light.

And yet all bodies in our universe are part of the cosmic. It includes all forms in all of time and space. Those bodies are expressed into denser layers and carry unresolved experiences, nodes of resistance, and other kinds of crud.

And thus, when we live … Continue Reading…

Diversity vs Unity

In our experience of the world, we may have times when a sense of oneness is dominant. At other times, diversity is dominant. But in a curious way, they are the same thing. The difference is in how we are seeing it, not in what is here.

For example, our body is made of trillions of cells. Each cell is its own life form. Most cells are specialized – skin cells, bone cells, and so forth. A vast diversity. But if you pull back, you see one body with all the diversity working together. Our own body is a profound … Continue Reading…

Liberating the Person

While awakening is about liberation, it is liberation FROM the person. It is loosing our identification with being an individual ‘me’ that things happen to.

Both before the shift and for awhile afterwards, there can be a fair bit of unpacking of old baggage: old resistance and incomplete experiences.

There is also a forward progression into higher stages in consciousness.

Part of that forward movement is what can be described as a descent of source into our local experience. Adyashanti described a process of head, heart, gut. This continues to the root.

The effect of this process is … Continue Reading…

Our Energy Structure

Making good progress on the book but it’s making posting here a little slower…
From a recent discussion with some others with refined perception, edited slightly for context.

The energy structure that people describe is usually the layer that underlies the physical expression. This is quite different from that in trees or insects. But they have the same underlying principles, just distinct expressions.

I’ve been shown that what differentiates life from inanimate objects – which otherwise have the same underlying layers of being – is the chakras. But this is chakras on the level of the bliss body, … Continue Reading…