A Common Barrier to Unity

In the book Conversations with Maharishi, Vol. 1, Vernon Katz has transcribed some of the side conversations he had with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while they were translating the Brahma Sutra in the late 1960’s. (p 283-4) Another good point Maharishi raised:

“If a man remains established in the sense of ‘jagan mithya’ (the world is unreal), then he will never see the jagat [world] in terms of himself, and will never get into Unity. And then again, he has to forget even the distinction between Jagat (world) and Brahman [Atman]: that the two are different – that one is … Continue Reading…

Models of Development

Over the years, I’ve seen many models of spiritual development. Most of them follow a subjective process that one or a few people experienced that doesn’t reflect how it will unfold for many others. Fundamentally it is shifts in being – in who we recognize ourselves to be – that reflect the underlying process. This is why I’ve focused on that.

Yet it can be instructive to see some of the other things that can shift that are reflected in other models. Categories like this can give you a sense of where they’re coming from. But there can be … Continue Reading…

The Caveat

This blog has over 1,500 posts. It is packed with concepts. If you come here looking for concepts, you’ll certainly find them.

But if you’re seeking spiritual awakening, it’s good to recognize that our concepts will never meet it. The subject is literally beyond the mind. Words can only point and approximate. Words are symbols for concepts only.

There is an old Vedic saying – updated for today we could say “knowledge in blogs remains in blogs.”

The reality is never what the mind may expect. I can guarantee that however much you may think you know what enlightenment is, … Continue Reading…

On Knowing

Due to the BATGAP interview and SAND talk, this blog is attracting many new readers. Some are coming in search of concepts that can help them make a better story about enlightenment. This is natural for the mind to want to do, but we have to be a little careful not to buy into this too much.

As I mentioned in the opening of my SAND talk, the point of my work is to support those on the journey, offer a framework for research and place various teachings and texts into some relative context. If you instead use … Continue Reading…