Our Natural Laws

Our Natural Laws are those that are emphasized and expressing here in our life. Like our DNA, we’re all built of the same laws but each of us have a small percent that vary in emphasis, leading to differences in physiology, ability, personality, and life events.

Making our gifts, strengths, and weakness more conscious makes our life easier, even if we are not always happy with what we find. Tools like Jyotish can help us see dynamics that are less conscious.

Liberation frees us from identification and attachment to these dynamics but does not end their influence. We still have … Continue Reading…

The Cause – Apparent vs Actual

Recently, I listened to a talk on jyotish (Vedic astrology). They spoke of the way Jain’s view karma. Jainism is an Indian faith based on non-violence and transmigration of souls in an eternal universe.

While their philosophy of karma is very like the Vedic view, there are a few variations in emphasis worth noting. This exploration is my perspective on the points rather than a Jain view.

Firstly, they describe the apparent vs actual cause of circumstances.

Nimitta Karan is the apparent external cause of circumstances.

When events arise in our life, the mind doesn’t just note what … Continue Reading…