The Pace of Change

Many people experience the world speeding up. This is partly an effect of our perception of time. As we shift through the decades, our metabolism gradually slows and time seems to go by faster*. This causes the pace of change to seem to increase.

However, technology is also speeding up change. Many of us have seen the demise of steno pools, switchboard operators, typists, telex operators, and more. Contacting people in another city has shifted from “snail mail” and “long distance” to nearly instant global communications. Thomas Frey predicted 5 years ago that half of all current jobs will … Continue Reading…

The Flavours

I meet with, retreat with, and correspond with a variety of people who are awake, some very much so. As I mentioned in the Sophia panel discussion, I’ve found people tend to become more unique and distinctive with the falling away of personal identity. Even the person becomes unbound.

What this means is a huge variety in the “flavour” of unfolding. Some find their outer life changes little. They continue in the same scenario but are with it differently. Nothing changes but everything changes.

For others, the outer life may change distinctly. They may be led into a different … Continue Reading…