Remaining Shadow

As we move through the higher stages in consciousness, we notice more areas that require remedial clean-up.

The process of opening itself cleans out a good deal of the past and if we’ve been proactive with healing, a lot of baggage will have been shed. But there can still be various things to clean up. And once we shift to the cosmic, we have all the shared to work with too.

And yet, because of our own history and gifts, we’ll be more aware of and good at facilitating certain kinds of clean-up. We’ll be more aware and effective … Continue Reading…

The Heart and The Gut

While we all have seven primary chakras and various sub-chakras, each of us can have a somewhat difference emphasis. Yet the heart and solar plexus chakras typically have significant roles in the post-awakening process.

We usually grow up around people with poor energy skills and hygiene. We may take on the same patterns to fit in and thus learn anxiety, fear or control. Or we may rebel with anger. None of this serves us well though.

With greater awareness, those unhealthy habits become conscious and can be resolved, freeing us from the massive energy drain that sustaining them takes.

The … Continue Reading…

Models of Development

Over the years, I’ve seen many models of spiritual development. Most of them follow a subjective process that one or a few people experienced that doesn’t reflect how it will unfold for many others. Fundamentally it is shifts in being – in who we recognize ourselves to be – that reflect the underlying process. This is why I’ve focused on that.

Yet it can be instructive to see some of the other things that can shift that are reflected in other models. Categories like this can give you a sense of where they’re coming from. But there can be … Continue Reading…

Structuring Life

Life can be said to be a 3-parter. There is the form, the life that runs it and the soul that inhabits it. You may recognize the observer, process of observation and object dynamic once again.

A general object like a rock has a form that arises through the interplay of the 3 gunas in the universe, in consciousness. Physics studies this.

Forms that hold life though are a more direct expression of consciousness, originating from an idea in the cosmic. For example, a human body has the same rules as a rock but also is under the … Continue Reading…

Where is the Soul?

Over the years, I’ve heard many descriptions of where in the body the soul resides. By soul, I mean the spark of our being.

Some talk about it as kundalini, coiled in the root chakra and rising with the awakening process. Some as the light in the heart, although that is more the celestial than personal. (I’ve described it there myself) Some refer to the crown chakra. And some the “high heart” at the top of the chest. Recently someone said it’s in the upper belly chakra.

To … Continue Reading…