The Solar Plexus

I was thinking about the irony of some old names. A common name for the upper gut is the Solar Plexus, for example. That term can also refer to an autonomic nerve plexus behind the stomach, scientifically known as the Celiac Plexus.

Plexus come from the Latin for braid. Celiac is from the Greek for belly. They concluded that Solar comes from the radiating pattern of nerve fibers at this plexus.

Personally, I find the last explanation suspect as the plexus has little resemblance to the sun. It looks more like a highway interchange. But it does have a relationship … Continue Reading…

The Crown

In a discussion back on Understanding Shakti in Awakening, a few points come up that I thought worth highlighting.

Firstly, as I’ve mentioned before, kundalini is not causal. It is an effect of the process. From the Kundalini Vidya perspective, the energetic process is run by the crown chakra. We tend to notice this less as sensorial effects in other areas are more obvious than subtle impulses of vayus (air or prana).

People describe the awakening process as driven by grace. More deeply we could say grace is Brahman. That expresses in part through the functions of the … Continue Reading…