The Strange Reality of Being Human

Most people think of themselves as a single being, distinct from others. This is my body, these are my private thoughts, and this is how I feel. However, this is just a set of ideas, a story we tell ourselves.

And I’m not taking a spiritual approach here but one leaning more on science. Your body is an assemblage of trillions of cells, each with their own life and life cycle. They come and go at various rates but overall, our body almost completely replaces itself within 7 years.

(The cosmic body is similar, only that is a body composed … Continue Reading…

Everything Awakens

I’ve spoken in several ways about the dynamics of consciousness. Fundamentally, there are three aspects – the observer, the object of observation, and the process of observation. We can even map the enlightenment process to those aspects being realized as Self; the first in Self Realization, the second in Unity, and the third in Refined Unity into Brahman

But we can also notice a fourth aspect – that of global awareness, able to observe the above process. This isn’t really another aspect: it’s the other three united as one lively alertness or fundamental awareness. This carries forward into … Continue Reading…

Diversity vs Unity

In our experience of the world, we may have times when a sense of oneness is dominant. At other times, diversity is dominant. But in a curious way, they are the same thing. The difference is in how we are seeing it, not in what is here.

For example, our body is made of trillions of cells. Each cell is its own life form. Most cells are specialized – skin cells, bone cells, and so forth. A vast diversity. But if you pull back, you see one body with all the diversity working together. Our own body is a profound … Continue Reading…