SAND17 Panel Discussion – Sudden or Gradual

Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump invited me to join his panel during the Science and Nonduality (SAND) conference in October of 2017 (event C31). The topic was Sudden or Gradual: Two Paths to Realization.

“There is a perennial debate in spiritual traditions regarding whether realization is direct (sudden) or progressive (gradual). But is this a false distinction? Realization is often sudden, no matter how many years of practice may have led up to it, and even after realization, most people find that refinement, clarification, and the working out of … Continue Reading…

Spiritual Friends

Kalyaana Mittataa is a Buddhist term for “spiritual friendship”. It can include student-teacher dyads and peer groups, what one might call one’s spiritual community.

This would be a community focused on spiritual development rather than simple social gatherings. But it would also depend on how we come to it. We can come to even a dysfunctional family gathering and use it as a self-reflective experience. Or we can come to a spiritual gathering and gossip about someone out of earshot.

From the Buddhist perspective, the key is in developing the noble virtues. Are we exposing ourselves to “good … Continue Reading…