Watching the latest Star Wars movie, I was reminded of the choices we face in life. Do we favour the “dark side” urges for power, control, and fame? Or do we move with the light towards peace, happiness, and love?

So many aspects of our lives have these kinds of choices. For example, what is our motivation around money? Do we have an unquenchable desire for more or a settled approach to sufficiency? Do we believe money is the root of evil or a tool to accomplish good? It’s valuable to have enough but do you work to live … Continue Reading…



rasavadaThe word roots of Rasasvada mean taste of appreciation or pleasure. In this context, the term means the taste of bliss, where bliss is experienced right in the sense of taste. This is related to soma (amrita) as both are produced in samadhi, hence some refer to rasasvada as ‘sipping of juice’.

While this quote suggests we experience bliss in the absence of thought aka samadhi, this is just how it first comes. Later bliss … Continue Reading…

On Karma, Bliss, and Love

This came up in another non-spiritual forum. I was asked some questions about Yoga. This was the result.

You’re wise to focus on results rather than concepts. Too much of philosophy and religion is about concepts and beliefs and who’s right rather than how we’re actually living. The point is to support a better life.

I would suggest it’s not so much that we achieve understanding of the true nature of karma but rather that through transcendence/ samadhi, we detach our identification with our sense of personal “me” and experiences. This has the effect of us detaching from the flow … Continue Reading…

100x the Bliss

A number of times here, I’ve written about the progressive unfolding of deeper bliss after Self Realization. Mature Self Realization is also called Nirvana or Sat Chit Ananda because it brings with it an unending happiness. Peace and contentment become the backdrop of life, whatever the style of life we live.

Note the word Unending – this isn’t happiness that ends the way pleasure or satisfaction soon fade. This is lasting. It remains, even when we experience passing anger or sadness. It comes with us as the lively inner surface of self-aware consciousness that observes all things.

But this lasting … Continue Reading…

The Origin of Meaning

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”
– Joseph Campbell

We’re meaning-makers. We don’t find meaning in life by looking for it. We find it by creating it. And that comes from having life experiences and recognizing what is important for us. What has meaning for us. For one person, being in nature will have the most meaning. For another, organizing information. For another, creating the ultimate music. And so forth.

This doesn’t mean the world is … Continue Reading…

The Energy Bodies (Koshas)

I first began talking about the energy bodies here in 2009. When I came back to the topic in more detail about a year ago, a definition error crept in I should have caught.

Firstly, “energy bodies” refers to what are commonly called Auras. In Sanskrit, the more accurate term is koshas or sheaths. They interpenetrate one another and each more subtle one is a little less distinct and larger. The Buddhist term for them is Skandhas.

Here is the list:
Annamaya     physical, etheric
Pranamaya    … Continue Reading…