The Means of Liberation (Yogas)

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 13
Verse 24
Some realize the Self by the Self in the Self through meditation, others through Samkhya yoga, yet others through Karma yoga.
Verse 25
Others, however, not knowing thus, sit near Me [Krishna], having heard from others, they also do cross beyond death, devoted to what they have heard.

This lays out the Yogas or paths to liberation.

The first is Dhyana Yoga, the path of meditation covered in Chapter 6 of the Gita. These days, it is often taught as Raja … Continue Reading…

Call and Response

If you’ve ever been to a Kirtan, you’ve experienced call and response. They sing a Sanskrit phrase and you repeat it back. If this is unfamiliar, a kirtan is chanting in a group, done in a sung style, usually with musical accompaniment. It is a Bhakti devotional practice. For example:

The universe around us is formed in a similar manner. Only the response isn’t a repeat but rather a modulation. And there are multiple modulators, all carefully timed together. The singers are the laws of nature (devata). A harmonic choir of astonishing beauty.

This “song” happens very … Continue Reading…