Being Conscious

One of the defining factors of being human is our potential to reflect and embody consciousness to quite profound levels. This isn’t exclusive to humans but it might be called one of our greater potentials – to live reality right in form.

Many of the things we’ve often considered “human” can also be discovered in plants and animals, although the expression varies considerably. For example, some cats are very present, some live in their own world, and some are thick as a post. Trees have senses and emotions but experience very differently.

Our path isn’t about “getting enlightened.” It’s better to … Continue Reading…

Ways of Knowledge

A comment On Truth lead me to some thoughts on knowledge.

The first form of knowledge we have is stories we’re told as children and the feedback we get from others. Those turn into our working stories we often carry throughout our life. Boys don’t cry. Girls wear dresses. They start as simple principles and are built into more complex threads like ‘Girls wear dresses except in gym and at the beach’. Then ‘when I darn well feel like it’. But even the latter is built on the former.

The above stories become a part of our sense … Continue Reading…

On Knowing

Due to the BATGAP interview and SAND talk, this blog is attracting many new readers. Some are coming in search of concepts that can help them make a better story about enlightenment. This is natural for the mind to want to do, but we have to be a little careful not to buy into this too much.

As I mentioned in the opening of my SAND talk, the point of my work is to support those on the journey, offer a framework for research and place various teachings and texts into some relative context. If you instead use … Continue Reading…