Why is there a Dark Side?

It’s good to consider – why does a world expressed by the Divine have evil? The answer is all about balance.

In the Vedic perspective, there are 3 forces in creation: creation, maintenance, and destruction. Those 3 forces evolve into 3 qualities (gunas) which evolve into the 5 elements, 5 senses and so forth.

The 3 qualities or gunas are:
Sattva: creative, purity, clarity, smooth
Rajas: fire, action, energy, transformation
Tamas: inertia, rigidity, resistance

Without inertia, we would have no form. In fact, nothing would last. As Dharma is that which sustains, tamas is … Continue Reading…

Flexible Roots

While we may think of stability and flexibility as opposites, Chaos theory suggests both are required for a system to continue. Research has found that chaos often overlays a higher order. In fact, chaos itself is found to have order within it. The simple formula of fractals, for example, is found throughout nature.

Natural systems display random fluctuations arising from order. If something is too stable or if the randomness is suppressed, it becomes rigid. Tall buildings must be able to move with the wind and earth or they will collapse. Rigidity becomes inertia (tamas guna), then … Continue Reading…