Rose Rosetree Links

Over the years, I’ve written a series of articles on Rose Rosetree‘s books and approach to energetic literacy, energy healing, empath skills, and more. I’ve also written articles highlighting Rose’s approach to a topic. As I’ve done with other teachers, here are the main links for easy reference.

On Energetic Literacy: (energy reading)
Aura Reading – discussion and book review

Energy Modalities – energy medicine, energy psychology and energy spirituality

Stages of Energetic Literacy (1-5)

15 Stages of Energetic Literacy – with graphic flow chart

Auric Modeling – and the issues … Continue Reading…

On Channeling

In a discussion on another forum on some channeled material, I was asked what I mean by channelling and why I had issues with it. I thought it useful to share my response here.

OK – the basics of what I’d call “channeling”. Essentially an astral being takes over a person to some degree. The person may be conscious but often is not. They use the person to communicate or write their message to other humans. Hence the human is a “channel” for their message.

Part of spiritual progress is increasing the integration of mind, body and spirit. However, channeling … Continue Reading…