Healing and Awakening for Animals

In another talk, Kristin Kirk speaks about an experience working with two cats. These are clearly exceptional cats with exceptional people. But the story is notable, including the difference between the two cats.

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This isn’t as hard to accept if we understand that everything arises in and of consciousness. We’re in this together so as consciousness rises, everything rises with it. All animals feel and are aware. But some animals are pretty thick and absorbed in their local experience, just as some people are. And some animals have … Continue Reading…

InterSpecies Communication

When we communicate with animals and plants, it’s not about about the physical. It’s not the body language and it’s not the words. Other species don’t use English or Spanish and body language can have different meanings, even in different human cultures. For example, a smile may be seen as a threat, a baring of teeth.

What matters is how they’re used to communicating now. Energy. What we’re broadcasting. Our feelings and intentions. This is pre-verbal.

It’s thus important to settle – partly so we’re quiet enough to hear those signals under the chatter of … Continue Reading…