Healing Trauma

In the west, we often spend our time in our heads or devoted to distractions like television or games. Some people and cultures are more OK with emotions but may get caught in the drama more instead. It’s not easy being human.

All of us have experienced illness, death, violence, and abuse in one form or another. How we respond to such experiences makes a big difference in the consequences for us. But our response is natural and often automatic. It’s not something we control – however hard we might try.

This is especially true when we’re young … Continue Reading…

Surrender – Kristin Kirk

On this blog, I often use terms like letting go, allowing, and surrender. This is a key part of awakening and becomes increasingly significant the further along you go. In this video, Kristin Kirk talks about this in a very direct way, giving experience examples of different layers of this. She talks about it in terms of the story, allowing what is, and healing old resistance and contractions.

It’s an interesting dance as many people don’t even recognize their own contractions – they’re so continual. When it’s not conscious, how do you recognize them? Sometimes, hearing it put another way … Continue Reading…

It’s Time

Karma, in this case referring to the consequences of past action, is described as having 3 types. With awakening, we are said to roast the mountains of our backlog and to stop creating new problems for ourselves. But the sprouted seeds that we began this incarnation with will continue to unfold.

With the falling away of the bindings of attachments, how we respond to life can change quite a bit. This is why no new problems. This is also the essence of the end of suffering.

I was reminded of this point several times recently. Several friends are … Continue Reading…

Surrender to Discrimination

Several recent events have reminded me of a key point worth clarifying.

The spiritual path is dominated by surrender. It requires we let go of attachments, of the grasping “me”, of suffering, of whatever binds us to being small. Not by force but by allowing, by releasing the grasping.

This allows us to settle in to who we really are, beneath the noise of a person.

The initial awakening requires only the briefest of surrender for the shift to happen. More advanced stages require progressively more profound surrender, even of our progress to date.

But this surrendering I refer … Continue Reading…